DEC 2017

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Gay Games 10
Paris, France
4-12 August 2018


DEC 2, 2017 UPDATE
This just in...GG10 Figure Skating registration will open Mon Dec 4. To save 30 euros, register before the end of the day (in Paris) on Sun Dec 17. If not all of the event information is correct, make sure to register for at least one figure skating event and hopefully it can be worked out later. Let me know if you have any trouble registering.

Below is the Paris 2018 announcement. There will be two formats, FFGS will be organizing ISU Adult type events, and IGFSU will be organizing an ISI sanctioned competition. You get your technical challenges and your freedom of expression! The event descriptions can be found at GG10 Figure Skating Events.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT REGISTRATION WILL ONLY LAST 14 DAYS. So if your considering competing, sign up right away. If you want to compete in the ISI events, you will be required to have an active ISI membership and be tested up to the level that you want to compete at.

What we DO NOT know at this point is:
- Schedule for the week, don't ask for it to be made around your schedule, you know who you are!
- If there will any / adequate / an over abundance of practice ice.
- How selection will be made for the exhibition. They are shooting for high participation numbers which will mean you will not be assured a spot. I know that your grandmother is flying in from Topeka only for the exhibition, but she might not see you perform. Want to improve your odds? Create a program with high entertainment value.

Please don't hesitate any questions. We will try to find them out as the details develop.

Here's the announcement:

Dear Skaters and Friends,

For the first time in the history of the Gay Games, and after more than two years of discussions, Paris 2018 has obtained a formal agreement from the International Skating Union (ISU) to organize a joint competition utilizing both ISU and Ice Skating Institute (ISI) events!

The ISU portion will be organized with the assistance of the French Federation of Ice Sports (FFSG). We thank its president, Didier Gailhaguet and his team for their support in working with the ISU. Our joint and determined efforts made it possible to reach this agreement. This decision has allowed for an historic breakthrough for LGBT+ rights and tolerance in figure skating. We also wish to thank the ISU and its new President, Mr. Dijkema, for its openness and understanding of our sport and its goal of inclusion. More than ever, the slogan of Paris 2018, "All Equal," truly applies!

And as with the previous four Gay Games, same-sex and other non-ISU events will be offered through the ISI, providing continued opportunities for creative and uniquely Gay Games artistic expression. The ISI competition will be organized with the assistance of the International Gay Figure Skating Union (IGFSU.) The ISU agreement allows for ISU skaters and organizers to participate in the ISI events. Participation in ISI events requires skaters to be tested to the level for which they intend to compete. Testing information will be provided.

Here is a breakdown of the events:

ISU Events based on 2018 Regulations will include:
Free Skating - Solo Ladies and Men
Artistic Free Skating - Solo Ladies and Men
Pair Free Skating - Mixed Partners Only
Pair Artistic Free Skating - Mixed Partners Only
Ice Dance: Pattern Dance, Short Dance, Free Dance - Mixed Partners Only
Synchronized Skating

ISI Events offered based on 2018 regulations will include:
Solo Spotlight - Women and Men, props allowed
Couples Spotlight - Mixed and Similar Partners, props allowed
Open Pair - Mixed and Similar Partners
Ice Dance: Pattern Dance, Free Dance - Solo, Mixed and Similar Partners
Production Team: 8-32 members - props allowed
Ensemble: 3-7 members - props allowed

Those wishing to participate in one or both portions of the competition must hold either a current ISU membership (issued by their national federation, and/or an ISI membership ( depending which events for which they are registering. Skaters are encouraged to register right away at the "early bird" registration fee that will be offered for a limited time once registration is open. Paris 2018 Figure Skating will be held at Aren'Ice in Cergy, France, Built in 2006, it is 36 km from the center of Paris and is accessible by the RER regional metro system (directions).

Together, let's make this unique moment in the history of international skating a great competition of tolerance, creativity and sharing!

Want to know which elements are required for each ISI Test Level? If you have any other questions, please contact us at

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A concerned group of adult figure skaters, led by Alan Lessik, are asking the Board of Directors of US Figure Skating at their August 8 Board Meeting to move Adult Nationals from North Carolina to another state or city that does not discriminate against the LGBT community. Please SIGN and SHARE this petition, which has almost 200 signatures:

2017 USFS Adult Nationals Petition

This year, North Carolina passed state law HB2 to allow discrimination against LGBT persons and specifically singled out transgender persons. The law enacted by the NC legislature and signed by the governor bans all cities and entities in the state from having LGBT anti-discrimination laws. In doing so, North Carolina became the only state in the US to take away LGBT human rights. While they have been hiding behind the transgender bathroom issue which in itself is blatant discrimination and has no validity, they also wiped out all protections for LGBT people in NC, including those who were discriminated to sue for workplace protections.

Since then over 180 business leaders have signed a letter protesting this law. The NBA announced that its All Star Game worth over $100 million will be moved from North Carolina next year. Over 13 conferences have been canceled, NYC and SF banned travel to North Carolina, Bruce Springsteen cancelled his concert, and PayPal decided not to expand their office.

We know that there are a number of other sites across the country that would be willing to hold this event. Please sign this petition or email Barbara Reichert, Sr. Director of External Communications, Thank you!

There is a great article that explains why HB2 and other laws are horrific for the LGBT community (i.e.: no state remedy for workplace discrimination): Propublica Article

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